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Window Cleaning

Do not let yourself be blinded by dirt on your windows. Keep positive effulgence coming out of your mind, and have a clear view of the world.

Is regular cleaning really necessary?

The matter of cleanliness of the glass is pure optical. However, after the invention of water-fed poles, the frames and window sills are cleaned either. This procedure ensures, that the rubber seals are kept clean, it prevents their cracking. Window sills will not greying after time. All parts of the window are washed out with the stream of pure water during the rinsing process. 

The is no doubt about the outcome of regular cleanings anymore.



If you are interested in window cleaning, contact us. That is the best way, how to find out the correct price for your house. Every house is different, therefore the proper quote can be provided after the visit to your property. Remember, the access, size, and type of the windows play a significant role in quoting. The wooden frames lower the price, and the sash windows rise it. Our quotation is complex, we do not simply calculate the price according to the number of your bedrooms. Every window plays a role in the quotation, which gives you peace of mind, that you pay only for the windows, and actual work needed, not for the size of your house.

You can also find the average window cleaning prices below before you decide to contact us.

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